Las Vegas, NV – Business owner, combat veteran, and dedicated husband and father, Lt. Col. David Flippo, has signed the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge. This act by Flippo shows a responsiveness and commitment to serve as a citizen legislator who will represent the needs of everyday Americans, instead of being swayed into the self-serving and corruptive nature of the DC Swamp.

David Flippo Signs Term Limits Pledge

Lt. Col. David Flippo issued the following statement:

“In the military, we were always changing leadership roles and looking for fresh ideas to help us fulfill our mission. Now, I am making it my mission to serve the American people in the capacity of a Congressman where fresh ideas are needed.” Flippo said.

Flippo continued by saying, “By signing this Term Limits Pledge, I am honoring the spirit of a nation of people who want to see new ideas brought to Congress. By limiting the amount of time someone can spend in office, we ensure that new voices and ideas are constantly being brought to the table. This not only promotes a healthier democracy, but it also ensures that our government is always working for the people and not becoming entrenched in the interests of a select few. It’s time to embrace term limits and empower the next generation of leaders to take their place in shaping the future of our great nation.”



Las Vegas, NVToday, Lt. Col. (USAF Ret.), Iraq War veteran, and business owner David Flippo announced his candidacy for Congress to represent Nevada’s 4th District. Before retiring from his military career, David was a combat commander in charge of over 1,000 Airmen and was responsible for establishing three operating bases inside Iraq during combat operations. 

Flippo also oversaw 800 Airman and over 72 combat aircraft as an Operation and Maintenance Squadron Commander in Alaska for his final assignment. 

After retiring from the Air Force, David Flippo worked for oilfield company BP, in Alaska for 10 years, developing a preventive maintenance program for their entire north slope oilfield operation and leading several maintenance teams responsible for the oil flowing through the Alaska Pipeline. Flippo has since called Las Vegas his home, where he has been a successful business owner.

Flippo’s campaign launch video can be viewed here. 

Lt. Col. David Flippo issued the following statement:

“Unfortunately, we have members of Congress who have waged war against our way of life in America, and in Nevada. Higher taxes, outrageous spending, open borders, men in girls’ sports, a weak military, and an America Last agenda have been forced upon us by misleading Democrats. 

The outrageous spending by such uniparty politicians has brought a detrimental plight to America, and Nevada is a key battlefield for the future of our Constitutional Republic. It is critical to restore proper governance to this nation and select leaders who will represent their constituents instead of the lobbying cartel.

While Steven Horsford is loyal to the lobbyists, he has proven time and time again he is disloyal to his own constituents and to his own family. Horsford most recently attempted to bully and strong arm his estranged wife and mother of his children into signing a non-disclosure agreement with the vow to never speak of his discretions again, or face $10,000 penalties for each breach of contract. Nevadans would be better off, as his ex-wife is no doubt, by following suit and divorcing themselves from Horsford.

Electing honest and accountable leaders in Congress is paramount to address our economic situation, and I look forward to offering the leadership skills I have gained through my military career and business experience in the private sector as a Congressman.”