Las Vegas, NV – Business owner, veteran, and dedicated husband and father, Lt. Col. David Flippo, has signed the Term Limits Amendment Pledge by US Term Limits. This act by Flippo shows a responsiveness to the desires of voters for representation by citizen legislators who will put the needs of the American people first. 

Lt. Col. David Flippo issued the following statement:

“In the military, we were always looking for fresh ideas to help us fulfill our mission. Now, I am making it my mission to serve the American people in the capacity of a Congressman where fresh ideas are needed. By signing this Term Limits Pledge, I am honoring the spirit of a nation of people who want to see new ideas brought to Congress. By limiting the amount of time someone can spend in office, we ensure that new voices and ideas are constantly being brought to the table. This not only promotes a healthier democracy, but it also ensures that our government is always working for the people and not becoming entrenched in the interests of a select few. It’s time to embrace term limits and empower the next generation of leaders to take their place in shaping the future of our great nation.”