Las Vegas, NV –  Longtime Democrat John Lee announces another attempt to join a Republican primary, one year after receiving only 7% of the vote in a 4th place finish for the Party’s gubernatorial nomination. 

Lee’s low support among republicans comes as no surprise, and Lt. Col. Flippo shares the skepticism of voters in the state. 

Lee’s 24 years as a career Democrat were spent building the foundation of a policy agenda he is now faced to oppose. His image is one of a Democrat loyalist-turned-republican, establishment politician, and entrenched member of the “old guard” looking to affect Republican elections. 

Alternatively,  Lt. Col. Flippo believes voters will recognize the contrast between Lee’s credentials and his own. His career spent as a Senior USAF Officer and Business executive, paints him as a proven leader, effective problem solver, and loyal public servant not entrenched in career-politics.

“Nevada needs a strong leader. I want to undo the Leftist policies that have ruined lives for people in this state. We want to flip Nevada red and bring our state back, we can’t do that without a proven leader who isn’t afraid to fight for that change.  Do we really need an, out of touch, life-long establishment Democrat politician representing this District, we already have that with Steven Horsford.”