American Energy Independence

It’s time we invest in American energy production, which will lower the cost at the pump for consumers and drastically reduce our reliance on foreign oil. For too long, we have allowed our adversaries to profit from our reliance on foreign oil. Rather than stop the flow of cash overseas, the Biden administration had doubled down by canceling or outright banning domestic oil production. Biden is weakening our country and putting money in the pockets of hostile governments.

It’s time to unleash American oil production and drastically reduce the price of gas at the pump. We can cut the cost of everyday essentials, reduce transportation costs, and reignite our economy by investing in domestic energy production. 

Make gas cheap again, it’s not just a slogan, but a call to action!

David Flippo will:

  • Invest in domestic oil production, drastically reducing the price you pay at the pump.
  • Slash reliance on foreign oil that funds our adversaries and terrorist organizations.
  • Invest in smart energy solutions, to diversify our energy production for the modern economy.
  • Overhaul our infrastructure system, ensuring that it is safe and reliable. This will also create thousands of high paying construction jobs for American workers.

Economic Development

The far left policies of the Biden administration have had disastrous effects on our economy. Record high inflation, a sluggish housing market, out of control healthcare costs, stagnant wages, and high gas prices have all made it difficult for average Americans to stay above water. 

Bidenomics has officially failed!

As your next Congressman, I will reinvigorate our economy by cutting government spending, balance our budget, lower inflation, make home prices more affordable, and lower the costs of everyday essentials by reducing transportation costs. 

Our economy needs to be unleashed, not held down by big government and needless regulations. If we continue to allow Bidenomics to destroy our economy, the American dream will soon be unattainable.

David Flippo will: 

  • Fight inflation by reducing wasteful government spending and working with Republicans to balance our federal budget.
  • Reduce the cost of everyday essentials by lowering transportation costs.
  • Lower costs for small businesses by cutting regulations and lowering interest rates.
  • Stop China from stealing our intellectual property and undercutting American businesses. 
  • Fix the supply chain problems by investing in infrastructure and vocational training to fill high paying transportation jobs.

Strengthen Our Military

The Biden Administration has failed our military and has failed to protect our country. We must focus on recruitment, retention and modernization.

Biden has left our military ill-equipped to meet the rising threats from China, North Korea, and Russia. These countries are hell-bent on destroying our status as the only global superpower by undermining our strength and influence around the world. We must strengthen our military in order to protect American lives and defend our global partners.

The Biden Administrations disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan was an embarrassment to our country and destroyed our standing as a world leader. 

I will support legislation that bolsters our military against the rising threats from these hostile nations who want nothing more than to see our destruction. 

I know what it takes to strengthen our military because I spent 24 years in the United States Air Force fighting our enemies and protecting American interests.

I have dedicated my life to protecting our country and I will continue to fight back against our enemies as your next Congressman.

David Flippo will:

  • Push for increased defense spending to ensure our military has the necessary resources and equipment.
  • Support initiatives to modernize and enhance our military capabilities to counter emerging threats.
  • Advocate for improved veteran healthcare, mental health services, and job opportunities after military service.
  • Work to strengthen alliances with key allies to promote global security and counter common threats.


Securing our southern border is not just a matter of immigration policy; it’s a matter of national security. The invasion at our southern border puts American lives at risk and it must stop now.

We need to enforce the laws that are being ignored by this Administration.

Under the Biden Administration, the drug cartels, human traffickers, and career criminals have taken control of our border. They are freely bringing dangerous drugs, illegal immigrants, and a wave of crime that is destroying our communities. This administration has no plan to stop the chaos at our border, instead they play political games while Americans suffer the consequences. 

I will support legislation and work tirelessly to pass laws that secure our borders and protect American lives. I will support our southern states, the border patrol, Coast Guard and the military in their fight against the tidal wave of drugs, immigrants, and crime that the Biden administration has allowed to enter our neighborhoods. 

It’s time to fight back against Biden’s Liberal Open Border Agenda and stand up for America.  

David Flippo Will:

  • Support legislation to strengthen border security and enforce immigration laws.
  • Advocate for increased funding and resources for border patrol and law enforcement agencies at the southern border.
  • Work to implement technology and infrastructure solutions to enhance border surveillance and deter illegal crossings.
  • Collaborate with southern states to address border security challenges and find effective solutions.

Improve Education

Bureaucrats in Washington seem to think that they know better than parents, teachers, and community leaders when it comes to your child’s education. They are determined to brainwash your kids with socialist ideologies like DEI and CRT, instead of teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the job market. 

Parents deserve to have a say in their child’s education and they deserve to know what is happening in the classroom. We should empower parents to make choices for their children’s education, not cut them out of the process. 

As your next Congressman, I will eliminate the bloated education bureaucracy and promote education that emphasizes skills training, vocational programs, and STEM education to prepare our students for the jobs of the future.

The bloated education bureaucracy must be stopped and parents must have a voice in education. 

David Flippo Will:

  • Promote legislation that empowers parents to make educational and moral choices for their children.
  • Support efforts to reduce federal bureaucracy in education and return control to local communities.
  • Advocate for curricula that prioritize skills training, vocational programs, and STEM education.
  • Work to increase transparency in education, ensuring parents have access to information about what’s happening in the classroom.

Support Our Police

The soft-on-crime approach of liberal Democrats has led to a breakdown in law and order. Across the country, career criminals have taken over our neighborhoods and our streets, making it hard for honest citizens to thrive in their communities. 

It’s time to turn-the-tide on crime and take back our streets from these dangerous criminals. I will pass laws that create tougher sentences for career criminals and put them behind bars where they belong. I will support our local law enforcement by ensuring that they have the funding, supplies, and manpower that they need to keep us safe. 

The liberal soft-on-crime experiment must end! We deserve to be safe in our communities and our homes. 

David Flippo Will:

  • Champion legislation to establish tougher sentences for career criminals and repeat offenders.
  • Advocate for increased funding, equipment, and training for law enforcement agencies.
  • Support community policing initiatives that foster positive relationships between law enforcement and communities.
  • Work to address concerns about police misconduct through targeted accountability measures.

Cut Wasteful Spending

The Biden administration is bankrupting our country and throwing away our future. The tax-and-spend policies of the liberal Democrats have led to INSANE inflation, skyrocketing costs, and will bring down our government if we don’t stop them. 

I will work tirelessly to eliminate the waste, cut the fat, and send a message to Biden that we will no longer allow him to gamble away our future. 

It’s time to STOP wasteful government spending once and for all. 

David Flippo Will:

  • Identify and eliminate wasteful government programs and redundant bureaucracy.
  • Support budgetary measures that prioritize essential services while reducing unnecessary expenditures.
  • Advocate for fiscal responsibility to prevent excessive government debt and inflation.
  • Work with like-minded legislators to push for balanced budgets and sound fiscal policies.

Protect Our Rights

For too long, extreme liberals have schemed and plotted to take away our rights. Under the Biden administration, these extremists have had free reign to attack our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and even our right to peacefully assemble.  We must stop this extreme left censorship of social media platforms. It is damaging the very foundation of our democracy and the open discussion of important issues. 

They won’t stop until they have taken away everything that our founding fathers fought for.

Our Constitution enshrines our fundamental rights, I swore an oath to protect your rights and I will fight like hell to protect them. 

I will stand up against any government overreach that threatens our individual liberties, whether it’s freedom of speech, religious expression, or privacy rights.

An attack against one liberty is an attack against all liberty, and I will not allow these extremists to gain one inch of ground in their quest to take away our rights. 

David Flippo Will:

  • Oppose legislation that infringes upon our constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
  • Support initiatives that safeguard individual privacy rights in the digital age.
  • Advocate for religious freedom protections and resist any attempts to suppress religious expression.
  • Work to ensure that government actions respect and uphold the rights of all citizens.