Las Vegas, NV — Today, Congressman Duncan announced his endorsement for David Flippo, a battle-tested American Patriot, as the strong conservative voice Nevada needs in Congress. Congressman Duncan highlighted Flippo’s military background, emphasizing the importance of supporting troops and securing the nation.

In a statement, Congressman Duncan expressed his confidence in Flippo’s ability to contribute to national security by prioritizing border security and implementing robust energy policies. The endorsement underscores Flippo’s commitment to conservative values and his understanding of critical issues facing the nation.

“As a Veteran, David Flippo knows the imperative need to support our troops and secure our nation. National Security begins with securing our borders and meeting our nation’s energy needs through robust energy policies that work,” stated Congressman Duncan

Responding to Congressman Duncan’s endorsement, Flippo expressed gratitude for the support and reinforced his commitment to conservative principles. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Congressman Duncan, a respected leader who understands the significance of strong conservative values. Together, we will work towards securing our borders, supporting our troops, and implementing effective energy policies for the benefit of our nation,” said Flippo.