Meet David Flippo


David Flippo is a battle-tested American Patriot offering what the people of Nevada need: a Strong Leader who is a problem solver.

Before retiring from his military career in the Air Force, David was a combat commander in charge of over 1,000 Airmen and was responsible for establishing three operating bases inside Iraq during combat operations. Flippo’s final assignment was serving as the Maintenance Operations Squadron Commander and the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander at Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska, where David was responsible for over 800 Airmen and over 72 combat aircraft.

After retiring from the Air Force, David Flippo worked for BP, in Alaska, for 10 years, developing a preventive maintenance program for their entire north slope oilfield operation and leading several maintenance teams responsible for the oil flowing through the Alaska Pipeline.

David Flippo came to Nevada with the leadership skills he had invested a
lifetime in building and now owns two small businesses. David is fully aware and engaged in the current struggles faced by small business owners and is ready to listen to and address the issues of inflation, supply chain shortages, wages, and the cost of goods.

Nevada needs proven leaders who will put the people of our state first by
addressing the surging crime, failing schools, suffocating business
overregulation, and the continued attack on our Constitutional freedoms!

David’s experience as a Strong Leader and problem solver is needed in Congress to rein in government overreach and provide fiscal responsibility. David knows how to show courage under fire, and he is committed to exhibiting a servant leadership mentality for all Nevadans!

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